World Series Game 7

CHC -126 (2u) W / under 6.5 (2u) L

Riding the momentum with the red hot Cubbies to finally end their historic drought tonight. Kluber and his 0.89 postseason ERA takes the mound for the Indians on short rest once again, against Hendricks who is carrying a 15 scoreless IP streak into tonight's matchup. It's a widely regarded fact that pitchers perform noticeably worse in their 3rd time through the order, so the Cubs lineup being able to see Kluber once again after seeing him for games 1 and 4 is a little encouraging, although he has been dominant in both matchups. Chapman threw a concerning amount of pitches for the past two games but should have enough left in the tank to shut the door, with Lester available in the pen as well to help solidify a mostly unreliable middle relief core. I think Tito will pull Kluber a little too early after making it through the lineup two times and depend on a rested Miller and Allen for the last 4 or 5 innings of the game, who have both not been as sharp as they normally are in their last few appearances. This should be a hard fought battle which could very well be decided by one run, but I have to go with the better offense with all the momentum in the world to take it home and win the World Series.