NFL 2/3/19

NE ML -125 (2u) W / under 56.0 (5u) W

The Patriots have an elite oline that hasn't allowed a sack in both playoff games and have 3 talented RBs that Belichick will utilize to give the Rams' #32 ranked run defense a lot to handle. Gurley should also be healthier than he looked two weeks ago and the Rams won't be able to get their passing game going until they establish their run game first. This should kill the clock and result in a slower paced game, providing a lot of value on betting the under. 

NFL 12/30/18

NYG -7 (2u) L

BUF -5 (2u) W

CIN +14 (2u) W

WAS +6 (2u) L

ATL -2.5 (2u) L

BAL -7 (2u) L

JAX +7 (2u) L

LAR -10.5 (2u) W

Sunday Night Football: 

IND -5.5 (2u) W

NFL 12/16/18

SF +3.5 (4u) W

TEN -1 (4u) W

BUF -2.5 (3u) L

JAX -7.5 (3u) L

NE -2.5 (2u) L

MIN -7.5 (2u) W

Sunday Night Football: 

LAR -13 (3u) L / under 52.0 (2u) L

NFL 12/9/18

BAL +6.5 (4u) W

OAK +10 (3u) W

BUF -4.5 (3u) L

NO -9.5 (2u) W

WAS +3 (2u) L

SF +3 (2u) W

Sunday Night Football: 

CHI +3 (2u) W / under 51.0 (2u) W

NFL 12/2/18

ATL -2.5 (4u) L

BUF +3.5 (4u) L

OAK +14 (3u) W

ARI +13.5 (3u) W

CLE +5 (2u) L

MIN +5.5 (2u) L

Sunday Night Football: 

LAC +3 (2u) W / over 52.5 (2u) W