NFL 10/14/18

CLE -1 (3u) L

CHI -7 (3u) L

JAX -3 (3u) L 

PIT +1 (2u) W

TB +3 (2u) L

ARI +10 (2u) P

Sunday Night Football: 

NE -3.5 (3u) L

NFL 10/7/18

TEN -6 (3u) L

ARI +3 (2u)W

PIT -3.5 (2u) W

DET -1 (2u) W

OAK +5.5 (2u) L

DEN PK (2u) L

BAL -3 (2u) L

Sunday Night Football: 

HOU -3.5 (2u) L

NFL 9/21/18

NO +1.5 (4u) W

CIN +3 (3u) L

WAS +2.5 (3u) W

SF +5.5 (2u) L

SEA -1 (2u) W

Sunday Night Football:

DET +7 (2u) W / over 55.0 (3u) L

NFL 9/16/18

MIN -2 (3u) L

TEX -3 (3u) L

TB +3 (2u) W 

JAX +2 (2u) W 

NO -9.5 (2u) L 

DEN -6.5 (2u) L 

Sunday Night Football:

NYG/DAL under 41.5 (3u) W

NFL 9/9/18

CLE +3.5 (4u) W

BAL -7.5 (3u) W

MIN -6 (3u) W

CIN +1 (2u) W

DEN -3 (2u) P

ARI -2 (2u) L

Sunday Night Football:

CHI +7 (3u) W / under 46.5 (2u) L


NFL Team Win Totals:

  • Bills under 5.5 wins -130 (5u)
  • Browns over 5.5 wins -140 (4u)
  • Seahawks under 7.5 wins -110 (3u)
  • Cardinals over 6.0 wins -130 (3u)
  • Buccaneers under 6.5 wins -140 (3u)
  • Bengals over 7.0 wins -140 (3u)
  • Raiders under 7.5 wins -140 (2u)
  • Cowboys under 8.5 wins -130 (2u)
  • Lions under 7.5 wins +100 (2u)
  • Ravens over 8.5 wins -110 (2u)


NFL Season Props:

  • QB throws 22 or more INTs: No -140
  • QB with 40 or more TDs: No -130
  • QB throws 5000 or more yds: No -170
  • Player 15 or more receiving TDs: No -190
  • Player 15 or more rushing TDs: No -120
  • Most receiving yards by any player: under 1600½ -165
  • Most rushing yards by any player: under 1650½ -150
  • Most wins by any team: under 13½ -135
  • Most losses by any team: under 13½ +160
  • All division winners 9 or more wins: Yes -280
  • Regular season game ends in a tie: No +195 (1u)

All bets are regular season only and for 2 units unless otherwise indicated.

NFL 9/6/18

ATL +1 (3u) L / under 44.5 (3u) W

After a long offseason, the NFL kicks off tonight with the Falcons visiting the defending Super Bowl champions in Philadelphia.

The Eagles will be without their star QB in Wentz and will have to rely on Super Bowl MVP Foles as they receive their rings tonight for their improbable run. They also lost most of their offensive weapons to start the season, with Jeffrey/Hollins injured, Celek retiring, and Burton/Smith leaving as free agents. These five collectively took up half of the targets last season on their championship run, and might explain why Foles failed to lead his team to score in a whopping 14 drives during the preseason. Everyone knows the preseason doesn't mean a whole lot, but failing to score in over a full game's worth of drives and also contributing a fumble six, a safety, and two interceptions against second and third string talent is inexcusable.

On the other hand, the Falcons return most of their key starters while adding Ridley to further improve their already stacked offense in year two of the Sarkisian era. With a healthy squad on both sides of the ball, the Falcons have an explosive offense with arguably the most talented RB duo in the league, and should be a top 10 defensive team led by 2016 sack leader Beasley and 2017 first rounder McKinley looking to take the next step. Atlanta is set up in a great spot to make a statement as the Chiefs did last year by taking down the defending champs on the road on opening night.