Finals Game 5

Golden State -5.5 (3u) under 205.0 (3u)
Spread: I'll keep it short today but I fully believe the series ends tonight, even with Dray's suspension. Iggy will be the primary defender on Bron and we saw how Kerr used McAdoo who rarely sees playing time to stay athletic on switches instead of Bogut/Ezeli. Cavs offense is an absolute dumpster fire with minimal set plays and plenty of LeBron or Kyrie 10-dribble iso mid range jumpers. Kyrie has an unbelievable 18 points on 31 iso plays (0.58pts/iso) which is pathetic and frankly inexcusable. People point out that Curry is having a tough series but he's averaging 1.26pts/iso. If Golden State jumps out to a sizable lead early, I don't think the Cavs have the mental toughness/energy/balls to keep their heads in the game and make a run at stealing one in Oracle tonight
Under: Rolling with the under once again. You guys have probably noticed by now, but I've taken the under 15 times in 17 games in the conference finals and finals, and I'm 12-5 in over/unders. If Dray had not been suspended, this likely would have been a max play for me, but now there's too big of a variable for me to go all in. People might lean toward the over because Dray being out creates more opportunities for Cleveland, which is a valid point, but any lineup that doesn't have Dray at the 5 will likely play at a slower pace. I don't think this game will be close enough at the end to warrant the intentional fouls at the end as we saw last game either. Live by the under, die by the under