Finals Game 1

Golden State -5.5 (3u) under 210.5 (5u)
The Dubs will come out firing in Game 1. A lot of people have mentioned that Cavs have all this extra rest but I don't think that's as beneficial as people expect. Although it's obviously late in the season, these guys are used to playing every few days and the Cavs finally suit up tonight in their 6th day of rest. Too much rest could throw them off of their usual cycle and stop the momentum they had from winning Games 5 and 6. As for the matchup aspect, what the Warriors struggled with the most during the entire postseason was OKC's size and athleticism. When Golden State went to their small ball lineup, other teams usually follow suit because their bigs get burned by the Warriors' versatility. In Games 3 and 4 in OKC, we saw the Thunder stick with their bigs who were able to keep up with the small ball lineup and absolutely crushed Golden State on the boards. The big difference is that this Cavs front court is obviously nowhere near OKC's front court. Lue needs to hide KLove on defense because he'll get eaten alive by whoever hes guarding when the Warriors go small and Frye is a 7ft shooting guard. Anyone other than LeBron attempting to defend the Steph/Dray high PnR stands no chance. Also, the Warriors are excellent at defending the perimeter which is the Cavs biggest weapon. On the other hand, I don't see Delly/Kyrie/JR doing enough to slow down the splash brothers, especially when Klay is firing on all cylinders like in the past two games. This elite Cleveland defense will get exposed just as they did last year and the Warriors will end the 2nd half strong to seal the win and cover in Game 1.