WCF Game 1

Golden State -7 (3u) under 224.5 (3u)
Rolling with the Dubs to come out strong and make a statement win tonight. Bogut is questionable and maybe closer to doubtful but I actually don't think it'll matter much as long as Green is close to 100%. Ezeli has proved that he can defend his position pretty well and Warriors will definitely play small ball and use their "death lineup" for as long as Dray can handle because he's the only one that can play the 5 with this particular strategy. Donovan and the Thunder know that they can't play big against this Warriors squad because there's no way they can keep up in a shootout in the long run against Curry and company. I went in detail in some comments down below but OKC can't use their size in their front court to their advantage by crashing offensive rebounds because for each one they miss, the Warriors will have a 4 on 2 fast break for an easy bucket each time. Kanter is absolutely horrible at defending the high PnR and Adams will be inefficient guarding the perimeter with Dray and Mo having the green light to launch threes so I don't expect to see them playing together for much of this series. Lastly, it's worth mentioning that OKC is a bottom 5 team against the spread both on the road and overall. In the end, it'll be the Warriors that dictate the pace as well as the style of the game and my money is on Warriors to dominate tonight and win the series in 5.